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Remote Sensing Specialist



Posted on Friday, February 17, 2023

Remote Sensing Specialist

Want to help build the next generation of EO data management and processing infrastructure?

Arlula is seeking a remote sensing specialist enthusiastic about space and spatial technologies, to assist in building our infrastructure and GIS processing capabilities to service our customers’ needs.

This role will focus on the extension of our processing pipeline system, helping to develop and refine novel systems to model physical systems and implement these in software. This will involve research, planning and documenting new processing methods, as well as collaboration with our software team to implement these novel behaviours as part of our processing automation pipeline.

Some level of software development experience is expected, conventional python scripting is sufficient as a baseline and additional software development training will be available for interested applicants.

Applicants should be enthusiastic about space and spatial technologies and willing to learn about fields which leverage them to understand customer requirements and how they can be served.

Job Title: GIS and Remote Sensing developer.

Job Type: Full-time, or Part-time if required.

Location: 608 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007, remote work options available

Key Accountabilities:

  • Research satellite image processing techniques and analysis processes
  • Write internal documentation on processes and their variations for record keeping
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of process software implementations in company data processing pipelines,
  • Preparing public facing educational materials about GIS processes and methodologies

Skills and Experience


  • A relevant qualification is preferred but not required.


  • 2-3 years previous experience in a similar role/industry (education qualification may qualify for this, depending upon relevance)
    Demonstrable software development/scripting experience in a relevant field


  • Familiarity with remote sensing and satellite imagery processing techniques and methodologies,
  • Familiarity with image classification and segmentation processing workloads and RPC derivation methodologies is greatly desired,
  • Familiarity with GIS data formats and standards (for raster, vector and metadata),
  • Able to write software to implement GIS workflows using minimal third-party libraries (basic to intermediate development skills),
  • Familiarity with GDAL, its abstractions and functions, and their use in geospatial workflows,
  • Familiarity with the Go programming language is preferred. Other statically typed programming languages and concepts may be considered an advantage.
  • Comfort and familiarity with applied mathematical concepts and their applications within GIS is advised, but not mandatory


  • A curious mind with a love for learning
  • A fast flexible thinker with a mind for problem solving
  • Enthusiastic worker with a passion for space technologies and their applications

About Arlula:

Arlula is a fast-growing space technology startup building software infrastructure for the Earth Observation (EO) sector. Thousands of people and companies are now using Arlula to manage their satellite operations and/or to build apps that can monitor the impact we have on our planet from space.

We are passionate about creating new commercial opportunities in the quickly evolving commercial space industry. We work with a range of international space agencies including NASA and ESA, as well as commercial satellite operators such as Maxar, SIIS, LatConnect60 and others. Our customers make use of our solutions across a range of industries for things such as agriculture, bushfire monitoring, insurance assessment, environmental planning and journalism.

Why join Arlula?

  • We are fully funded and growing fast, we have organically 30x’d our platform usage throughout 2022.
  • We launched an industry first product in January 2022 and have already secured our first customers.
  • We are backed by some of Australia’s leading VC’s.
  • Take advantage of a rare opportunity to engage and shape a rapidly evolving space technology industry.
  • Engage with users across a variety of industries and see the positive impact your work has first-hand.
  • Excel in an inclusive and flexible work environment.
  • You’ll receive a competitive salary that will scale as the company grows.
  • We can also provide further training for the right candidate.

We look forward to growing our diverse team to address the evolving needs of our customers in this growing commercial space sector.

Interested in applying?

If this is something that seems interesting to you and you think you’ll be a good fit, please send your resume, Portfolio and a Cover letter to us at