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Head of Customer Success



Customer Service, Sales & Business Development
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Posted on Friday, June 28, 2024

About Atelier

Atelier is a Cloud Manufacturing Platform that radically simplifies new product development and supply chain management for beauty, health and wellness brands.

Atelier offers end-to-end ‘supply chain as a service’, allowing customers to design, develop, manufacture and re-order their products from a single platform.

About the role

The HoCS is responsible for leading Atelier’s efforts in driving customer order and customer experience success across all customers and products. Their primary focus is on shaping Atelier’s customer strategy & delivering on our customer value proposition through leadership of the customer facing (Product Lead) team. As a result, they are responsible for value delivery for our customers and the associated commercial outcomes for Atelier.

They are the voice of the customer internally.

They are the voice of Atelier externally.

The role will directly support the CRO in all areas that directly and indirectly lead to an exceptional customer experience and value delivery. This includes:

  • Shaping and maintaining the structure of the Product Lead team to perform at a high standard for our customers.
  • Own the generation of Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) through the product lead team, including targeting, forecasting, project oversight, project problem solving and product delivery.
  • Own the project management of three key phases of customer product lifecycle
  • Development
  • Production
  • Post Production
  • Establish and optimise a uniform and effective project management framework with a focus on Tier 1 customer profiles
  • Maintain accurate qualitative and quantitative assessments of our customers to enable us to service them effectively, mitigate churn risks and expand revenue opportunities
  • Ensuring the Product Lead team are equipped to succeed in all aspects of their role
  • Develop and implement communication strategy for our customers to increase engagement, momentum and comfort throughout the development and manufacturing process
  • Maintain bottom up forecasting which enables accurate target setting and encourages buy-in from the Product Lead team to execute on targets
  • Launch initiatives to deepen our customers’ relationship with Atelier through new products, categories and brands
  • Work closely with the C-Suite and senior members of Atelier’s Supply Chain team to optimise work flows between teams
  • Maintain and build relationships with key customers - multiple stakeholders where possible
  • Outline and utilise key data points to understand our customers and track progress in customer experience and engagement.

The HoCS will shape the customer experience and is responsible for bringing products to market with the support of the Product Lead team. This will not be limited to the responsibilities of the Product Leads and will extend to the output of adjacent teams as they will be required to highlight limitations and improvement areas that impact customer outcomes and work collaboratively with team leaders to find customer-focussed, scalable solutions.

Primary areas of focus and direct responsibilities include:

Values / culture

  • Role modelling the highest ethical and professional standards
  • Reinforcing - both through words and actions - Atelier’s values and guiding principles
  • Actively participating in and contributing to Atelier’s unique culture
  • Mentoring and coaching junior employees to ensure their ongoing development

Customer order success

  • Shaping Atelier’s strategy and processes for successful product development & manufacturing across all Atelier customers, delivering improved efficiency, accuracy and transparency outcomes
  • Acting as the PL team’s main escalation point for any customer order issues as they arise and determining appropriate steps to resolve them while balancing both customer and Atelier outcomes
  • Working closely with the CRO & COO to optimise the end-to-end product development & manufacturing process
  • Developing monthly, quarterly and annual delivery/PO plans (for the upcoming month) and working with PLs to ensure successful execution
  • Implementing oversight & governance structures to manage successful product delivery on a weekly & monthly basis

Customer experience success

  • Maintaining and optimising the ideal customer journey from onboarding through to product delivery
  • Ensuring a high standard of external communication is maintained across all customer facing roles. This should be timely and consistent whether positive or challenging and always include solutions (or steps to solutions)
  • Shaping and executing the NPS strategy along with the CRO to ensure we are being honest with ourselves and taking action when necessary to improve customer sentiment
  • Monitoring wider team outcomes to ensure they are in-line with customer outcomes. Working with team leaders to solve and rectify if we deviate off our customer focus path.
  • Empowering Senior PLs to help solve problems should they arise and step in as the support function to ensure we take action towards solutions

Commercial outcomes

  • Working closely with the CRO and CFO to maintain bottom up forecasting to provide a short term and long term forecasting view
  • Signing off on GMV targets and manage the execution of these targets throughout the PL team
  • Maintaining customer momentum from brief through to sign-off to assist in efficient approvals and PO readiness
  • Maintaining take rate where possible to enable Atelier to maintain target unit economics

PL team development

  • Owning the PL team’s professional development and develop initiatives to upskill the team in all relevant areas that impact customer and/or Atelier outcomes
  • Managing structure, resourcing, workloads and allocations within the PL team
  • Developing strategies & processes to improve the PL team experience and maintain high levels of job satisfaction and fulfilment
  • Conducting performance reviews of the PL team, providing feedback and mentoring to foster growth and development

Knowledge & best practices development

  • Building and maintaining strong, high-trust relationships with key leaders internally
  • Respectfully working towards improved outcomes for our customers with key team leaders
  • Understanding why customers and projects are successful to build similar structure and enable repeatable outcomes across other customers
  • Similarly, understanding why customers and projects are failing to build structures that will limit repetition
  • Empowering PLs to run pre-mortems on production to maintain a high level of care and quality assurance on Atelier’s delivery processes