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Implementation Manager



Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2024


This role is responsible for managing a team of Implementation and Data Specialists to deliver high-quality support to Edrolo’s clients and end users. This entails understanding the company and team’s strategic direction, vision, and mission, and translating these into clear, measurable, and motivating goals and priorities.

The Implementation Manager is responsible for the allocation of provided resources to achieve targets, including team member performance, training and upskilling. Under the guidance of the Head of Implementation, the role is responsible for coaching team members to execute initiatives resulting in long-term improvements in technology, data quality and data processing to achieve exceptional outcomes for existing and prospective clients.


Division: Operations

Department: Implementation

Direct manager: Head of Implementation

Direct reports: Implementation Specialists & Junior Data Specialists

Summary of responsibilities

  • Manage team member performance
    • Manage available resourcing to meet and exceed targets
    • Identify and address knowledge gaps within Implementation by organising targeted training, upskilling, and calibration
    • Deliver feedback that is timely, specific, and constructive
    • Actively seek and be receptive to feedback from others
    • Guide team member development to foster growth and improvement
  • Lead and motivate a team
    • Motivate and inspire the team through goal-setting, and recognise and celebrate achievements on an individual and team level
    • Apply deep understanding of Implementation and company strategy, vision, and mission to guidance and decision-making
    • Determine priorities and plans in agreement with other managers and in alignment with company strategy
    • Tell the story (contextualise) and confidently speak to current plan, priorities, and goals to positively influence team member performance
  • Be accountable for outcomes
    • Drive the successful execution of quarterly objectives and key results
    • Use time, activity, and efficiency data to inform day-to-day decision making
    • Prepare reports for Edrolo leadership on team performance
    • Effectively use management structures, including one-on-ones and formal feedback processes, to build strong relationships with direct reports
  • Provide exceptionally high quality support to key contacts at partner schools
    • Coach team members in diagnosing sensitive or complex issues, and providing complete resolutions over the phone and through well-written responses
    • Constantly strive to understand the changing needs and priorities of our partner schools and regularly review and adapt our methods and technologies
  • Drive a culture of continuous team improvement
    • Coordinate the determination and prioritisation of system and process improvements to request from Operations to deliver high-quality services
    • Partner with the Head of Implementation to recruit and onboard great team member
    • Create and update process documentation
  • Lead and positively contribute to team and company culture
  • Help ensure the safety of our workplace by following all Workplace Health and Safety policies and guidelines
  • Other responsibilities as deemed appropriate from time to time