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Data Science
Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2023

Data Scientist

About Us

Evergen's mission is to orchestrate >10GW of distributed energy assets across the globe. Our team is an amazing mix of some of the smartest, curious and most diverse people from all over the world working together to speed the transition of the world to renewables.
For more about us see here.

About You

Evergen is the software heart beating across the entire energy ecosystem. We optimise and orchestrate batteries and other technologies to collectively support the electricity grid, and in so doing we increase the uptake of renewable energy and create additional value for individual asset owners.
Integrating with the multitude of inverter, battery, solar and appliance technologies out there so that we can optimise and control these systems via the cloud is absolutely central to what we do at Evergen!
We love super smart, hardworking, dependable people here at Evergen, but you must be a good person first and foremost
We like independent thinkers
We like people who can state their case in a succinct and articulate way
We like people who challenge the status quo and are not afraid of change
We love people who are intellectually curious... about anything
We love people who make those around them better performers
You are the most helpful person in the room, and understand that your job is to make your team look good
You are a fast learner
You are great at talking with people as well as clearly articulating yourself through e-mail and chat communication platforms
You can be thrown into any situation and know that you will succeed.
We love people who make those around them better performers.


Train, validate and test machine learning models
Design and improve optimisation models
Assess the quality of models in production
Experiment novel approaches to solve problems
Assess improvements with hypothesis testing
Wrap data science outcomes as microservices and put them in production
Present results to business, customers and partners

允 Skills

2+ years of data science experience
Supervised and unsupervised learning
Timeseries modeling
Hypothesis testing
Data Imputation
Error reporting and visualisation
Experience with convex optimisation
Strong background on algorithms and data structures
Experience transforming large datasets
Experience with software development
Test Driven Development
Strong presentation skills
Experience working with AWS cloud-based platform or similar.
Experience using Asana, Jira or similar
Experience using code repositories, e.g. GitHub.

允 允 Bonus Skills

Combinatorial optimisation
Advanced time series modelling
Shapelets or motif discovery
Simulation and data farming
Apache Spark
Electrical Engineering
AWS ninja skills

妍 Tools we use

We use loads of languages including (Node, Typescript, GoLang, C#, Python)
For data science, we mainly use Python
We play a lot with Jupyter notebooks and AWS SageMaker
We love to create apps using Streamlit
We use popular libs such as sci-kit learn, scipy, numpy, pandas, Tensorflow, pyTorch
For data visualisation, we use matplotlib, seaborn, altair and bokeh
We are open to new languages and tools that may do the job faster and smarter
We use AWS
We use MongoDB and Athena
We use Kubernetes
We use Kafka
We use BitBucket, BitBucket pipelines
Jira and notion for project management.
We are re-architecting a better sustainable energy future for everyone on the planet, to do this we need highly driven people from all walks of life to help. No matter your background, ethnicity, gender or education. If you are driven, sharp as a tack, and literally want to change the world we would love to have you! Evergen is pro performance & people.

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