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CRM & Data Administrator

MyPass Global

MyPass Global

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Posted on Monday, October 30, 2023
MyPass Global is on a mission to empower safe, agile & connected communities.
Our workforce onboarding and compliance management software is centred around a digital Skills Passport, designed to help organisations reduce their risk and cost of operations. Our vision is to become the trusted industry ‘source of truth’ for organisations and people. We don't limit ourselves to a single sector or location; rather, we strive to establish a global standard.
Our company values set the standard for the behaviours and mindset we expect from every “MyPasser”. Our values include:
We connect and empower people to build a safer future. We strive to create a positive and enduring impact, no matter how small.
We pursue innovation by practising curiosity and always asking ‘why’. We challenge assumptions by seeking opportunities for growth and improvement.
We treat our customers, employees and partners as equals. We foster meaningful relationships through trust, compassion and respect.
We are accountable for our goals, actions and collective vision. We work with integrity and are true to our word, fostering a culture of open communication.
Position Purpose Statement
The CRM & Data Administrator is responsible for the overall management and administration of our CRM system. This role plays a crucial role in maintaining clean, accurate and up-to-date customer and operational data, configuring Hubspot to meet our business needs, and supporting our marketing, sales and operations teams in achieving their goals.

Key Responsibilities

  • Data Management
  • Maintain and manage CRM data including contacts, companies, deals and properties by conducting regular data health checks.
  • Ensure data accuracy and consistency through regular data cleansing and validation, reducing duplication.
  • Import and export data as needed, including lead lists and customer information.
  • Segment and categorise email lists to target specific audiences effectively.
  • System Configuration
  • Customise the CRM to align with our specific business processes and workflows.
  • Create and manage custom properties, forms, website landing pages, views, dashboards and reports.
  • Configure automation workflows to improve efficiency and data quality.
  • Support marketing campaigns, ensuring smooth and efficient workflows.
  • User Training and Support
  • Provide training and guidance to sales, marketing and operations team members on CRM best practices.
  • Offer ongoing support to address user inquiries and issues related to Hubspot usage.
  • Integration Support
  • Integrate the CRM with other tools and systems, such as email marketing platforms or customer support software.
  • Ensure data flows seamlessly between the CRM and other applications.
  • Data Analytics
  • Assist in tracking and analysing key performance metrics and reporting on marketing and sales activities.
  • Collaborate with the analytics team to extract actionable insights from CRM data.
  • Compliance and Security
  • Ensure data security and compliance with data protection regulations
  • Monitor and manage user access permissions and data privacy settings.

Key Accountabilities

  • Accountability - % of time spent
  • Data Management - review & management of data including data cleansing/deduplication work - 40%
  • System Configuration - 30%
  • User Training & Support - 5%
  • Data Analytics - 10%
  • Integration Support - 5%
  • Compliance and Security - 5%
  • Team Meetings / Internal projects - 5%

Measures of Success

  • Data hygiene/health check scores
  • Impact of system configuration on business efficiencies/team productivity
  • Delivery of key metrics/analytics to deadline

Key Selection Criteria

  • Must have a minimum of one (1) year Hubspot, Salesforce, or Zendesk experience, or similar Customer Relationship Management/Database systems
  • Must have a minimum of one (1) year data cleansing and data preparation experience
  • Must exhibit high attention to detail
  • Must exhibit high critical thinking ability
  • Is a self-starter, and quick to learn new tools and technology
Information Security Accountabilities
- Determine and allocate the resources required to maintain and continuously improve the ISMS
- Ensure information Security requirements are communicated and understood across all levels of the business
- Ensure business activities support the security of information
- Promote the continuous improvement of information security
- Ensure changes to the ISMS are effectively communicated to the business and stakeholders
Senior Leaders:
- Ensure direct reports receive instructions that adequately describe the responsibilities for information security related to their job role
- Ensure direct reports receive training to maintain appropriate information security skills and knowledge required for their job role
- Ensure direct reports demonstrate the information security skills and knowledge required for their job role
- Ensure induction and training focus on the most relevant information security aspects for each job role
- Understand own contribution to the effectiveness of the ISMS
- Understand own responsibilities within the ISMS (e.g. Acceptable of Use Assets Policy, Information Security Policy)
- Understand the consequences of non-compliance with the requirements of the ISMS
- Understand information security guidelines related to own job role