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Principal Product Designer

MyPass Global

MyPass Global

Product, Design
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2024
MyPass Global is on a mission to empower safe, agile & connected communities.
Our workforce onboarding and compliance management software is centered around a digital Skills Passport, designed to help organisations reduce their risk and cost of operations. Our vision is to become the trusted industry ‘source of truth’ for organisations and people. We don't limit ourselves to a single sector or location; rather, we strive to establish a global standard.
Our company values set the standard for the behaviours and mindset we expect from every “MyPasser”. Our values include:
We connect and empower people to build a safer future. We strive to create a positive and enduring impact, no matter how small.
We pursue innovation by practising curiosity and always asking ‘why’. We challenge assumptions by seeking opportunities for growth and improvement.
We treat our customers, employees and partners as equals. We foster meaningful relationships through trust, compassion and respect.
We are accountable for our goals, actions and collective vision. We work with integrity and are true to our word, fostering a culture of open communication.
Position Purpose Statement
As the Principal Product Designer at MyPass Global, you are the visionary driving force behind our design excellence. You will leverage your deep understanding of design trends, customer discovery methodologies, and user insights to create a compelling and cohesive design vision. The latter will align with our business and customer goals while accounting for technical constraints and setting the strategic direction for design.
You will conduct customer interviews, usability sessions, and competitor research to gather insights and analyse data, informing product decisions. Your design and prototyping velocity will be unparalleled and increase our rate of learning. You will mentor the rest of the design team and raise the bar for product design. Your ability to balance strategic thinking with tactical execution will be crucial in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities to propel the product and the organisation forward.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Leading design strategy and execution, focusing on both strategic and incremental improvements.
  • Create high-fidelity prototypes and maintain a cohesive design system with strong visual design skills.
  • Create workflows, diagrams and designs to illustrate the user’s journey across our different personas.
  • Drive customer discovery through conducting interviews, usability sessions, analysing quant (behavioural analytics) and qual (surveys, VoC feedback, etc) data.
  • Mentor the design team and assist in hiring.
  • Collaborate with product managers and engineers and advocate for user-centric design practices.
  • Champion consistency across our products.
  • Raise the bar for the product design craft across our products.
  • Develop and articulate a design vision aligned with business goals, customer needs, market and technology trends.
  • Drive innovation and unlock customer delight by adopting new (fit-for-purpose) design patterns.

Key Requirements:

  • You are a thoughtful communicator who is excellent at communicating through both written and verbal skills.
  • You facilitate cross-functional discussions, ensuring all POVs are heard, but confidently bringing it back to the customer needs.
  • Passionate about creative problem solving for customers and end users.
  • Capable of adapting quickly to changing priorities.
  • You thrive on customer knowledge, go out of your way to seek it out, and are in your element when talking to customers.
  • You can design fast and slow, depending on circumstances. You are meticulous in your designs, but pragmatic in choosing where you functionality suffices and where delight is there to be had.
  • You bring a strategic lens to your work. You think about the second and third order impact of design decisions that make your work stand the test of time.
  • You are well versed in determining feature scope, ensuring we make the right tradeoffs and we don’t ship half-baked functionality.
  • You are excited at the opportunity to dig into user analytics, build funnels and segment survey results.
  • You enjoy mentoring and contributing to the upskilling of those around you.
Information Security Accountabilities
Understand own contribution to the effectiveness of the ISMS
Understand own responsibilities within the ISMS (e.g. Acceptable of Use Assets Policy, Information Security Policy)
Understand the consequences of non-compliance with the requirements of the ISMS
Understand information security guidelines related to own job role