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CX Operations Digital Specialist

Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap

Metro Manila, Philippines · Remote
Posted on Friday, March 17, 2023

Not all heroes wear capes — but plenty of them use toilet paper

Want to challenge yourself at a high-growth startup AND make a difference in the world? Come join the revolootion!

Funny name, serious business

We make eco-friendly products and donate 50% of our profits to provide clean water and help build toilets for the billions of people who lack proper access. So far, we’ve contributed over $11.22 million AUD (roughly $7.5 million USD) to fund sanitation projects around the globe. Basically, we’re really good at doing good.

With hubs in Australia, the Philippines, China, the US, UK and Europe, our amazing team of 200+ work to make the biggest possible impact for people and the planet. Over the next couple of years, we’re hoping to increase our annual donation tenfold to get us closer to our dream of everyone in the world having access to clean water and sanitation services.

A bit about the role

As we continue to grow and reach more markets, we also set the bar high to create scalable solutions that will continue to deliver and delight our customers across the globe. Our CX Operations team is looking for a CX Ops Digital Lead to help us drive our digital strategy and deliver improvements in how our digital tools interact with our customers & our customer happiness team.

Reporting to our CX Operations Manager, you’ll support the digital customer experience roadmap from ideation to delivering new design solutions and strategies that help build the future of our digital customer experience.

You’ll be the nuts and bolts in operating our Ada chatbot program and a key contributor to our OKR projects. We want to leverage Ada's generative AI features and capabilities to advance our support and proactive messaging strategies. You’ll get there by training and coaching the bot to understand what customers are asking to deliver a best in class chatbot experience, and deploying Ada across additional support channels. Simply put, you will be the brand’s bot-voice to our customers, looking for feedback and insights that can inspire new product features and improvements.

If Kembot is your favourite dance move, it will surely come in handy to help you embrace cross-functional collaboration. Primarily an individual contributor, you’ll then get to work closely with our Digital Product and IT teams to work through projects related to our core internal tools, while also serving as the first line of support for simple issues that affect CX.

Our CX Operations team spans across Australia and the Philippines and we’re open to amazing candidates from anywhere in these two hubs. Although you will be primarily working remotely! This might mean your lounge room, a hut on the beach, or a local cafe - up to you!

If you worked here this past six months here are some things you might have been involved in:

  • Continued to build out our amazing Chat Bot to help deliver instant and effortless support to our customers
  • Contributed to our Digital Strategy and owned OKRs related to Ada chatbot and AI strategy design
  • Been the constant source of wisdom, guidance and support for our CX team in helping troubleshoot day-to-day technical challenges and curly questions.
  • Been a key project member in our migration of our 100+ strong team from one help desk platform to another, with minimal disruption to customers and our team.
  • Assisted in the evaluation of the range of options in the workforce planning and management software world.
  • Joined a team-wide karaoke battle/dance party, at the end of our CXFest, held in Manila.
  • Set a new crossword puzzle record during our fortnightly ‘Friday Fun’ catch-up.

Let’s talk about you

You’re a confident decision-maker and collaborator who wants to take this awesome opportunity to share your deepened knowledge and expertise from your past roles in the digital operations space. You may or may have not worked in the logistics/supply chain industry, but have previously been part of an internal support function. Having knowledge in e-commerce operations is cool to have, and ultimately you love working independently to find innovation solutions.

You <3 chatbots

You love the benefit of self-service! You are a logical thinker that can make clear maps and flows of how a solution will be found to a customer’s problem. You like to constantly explore the user experiences that chatbot solutions provide to stay ahead of the curve in delivering a modern and seamless customer experience. It’s a great add if you have worked with ADA or similar customer service automation platforms!

You are an expert collaborator

You don’t mind some solo deep-think time, but you also love leading a brainstorm with key collaborators. You’re excited to build a deeper relationship with the Digital Product and CX Support teams.

You are a written comms superstar who has worked within support teams, speaking to customers. You can find the balance between the brand voice and a customer support voice, communicating complicated things in a simple way.

You’re a Jack or Jill of all trades

You love to think strategically whilst being tactical. You love data and you’ve got an eye for good design. You obsess over UX and you’re comfortable being scrappy.

You know how to use your tail to keep your balance

Just like squirrels and monkeys, you use your big, bushy tail to keep your balance when jumping from one project to another or moving from an Ada-focused time to troubleshooting in our other core tools such as Zendesk, Shopify, Recharge or Zapier.

You give a crap

Do you want your work to make the world a better place? Do you want to work with other people who feel the same way? What a coincidence — us too!

Why should you work with us?

First off, as a certified B Corp™, we work to make a difference every day while maintaining the highest standards of social and environmental impact. With our most recent score of 125.5 we’re in very good company with other exceptional B Corps around the world.

We also believe that helping to make the world a better place should be rewarded accordingly – that’s why we offer competitive, market informed salaries, meaningful support towards healthcare for our team around the world, generous paid leave, tailored learning and development opportunities, and free toilet paper (yes, you read that right).

Our engagement surveys (thanks Culture Amp!) tell us that our team is really proud (98%) to work for Who Gives A Crap and, well, we couldn’t be more proud of that.

Have you made it this far?

If you’re still reading, we think there’s a strong chance you might be our kind of person. Here’s the thing, though — research suggests that 60% of women and underrepresented folks might have already talked themselves out of applying. Even if you don’t check every box above, we want to encourage you to introduce yourself. We believe a diversity of perspectives and experiences makes a team stronger — and the stronger our team, the closer we are to delivering toilets and clean water for all.