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CX Operations Lead

Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap

Metro Manila, Philippines · Remote
Posted on Friday, June 21, 2024

Want to challenge yourself at a high-growth startup AND make a difference in the world? Come join the revolootion!

Funny name, serious business

We make eco-friendly products and donate 50% of our profits to provide clean water and help build toilets for the billions of people who lack proper access. So far, we’ve contributed over $13.3 million AUD (roughly $8.9 million USD) to fund sanitation projects around the globe. Basically, we’re really good at doing good.

With hubs in Australia, the Philippines, China, the US, UK and Europe, our amazing team of 200+ work to make the biggest possible impact for people and the planet. Over the next couple of years, we’re hoping to increase our annual donation tenfold to get us closer to our dream of everyone in the world having access to clean water and sanitation services.

A bit about the role

As Who Gives A Crap continues to grow and reach new heights, we're on the hunt for a passionate CX Operations whiz to join our team! We're known for creating seamless and delightful customer experiences, and your role will be instrumental in keeping that bar high.

We design people-centered solutions based on real data and customer (and team!) feedback. But let's be honest, sometimes things go awry. That's where you come in – you'll be our problem-solving hero during those “oh crap” moments, tackling critical issues that impact our customers and team. Ideally, this is only a relatively small amount of time spent on firefighting, but we want to ensure we always have time and space to take care of this core responsibility.

Reporting to our CX Operations Manager, you’ll also be responsible for overlooking the operational and procedural aspects of CX’s performance. While not being the owner of the ‘performance’ of the department, your work will be fundamental to ensuring efficient and effective service delivery.

As a leader of a small crew of CHT IIs, you’ll provide issue-based guidance and empower them to reach their full potential. You’ll also be the bridge between CX and other departments like Parcel Pushers (Logistics), Production, and Marketing. Together, you'll tackle issues, identify long-term improvement opportunities, and ensure all our efforts contribute to a seamless customer journey.

We're building a dynamic CX Operations team and seeking a talented individual located in the Philippines to join us remotely! As part of this collaborative team, you’ll be open to supporting colleagues across different time zones, but mostly Australia and the Philippines. While strict 9-to-6s aren’t the norm, occasionally the urgency of an issue (think supporting a problem in the US) might require starting early or staying on late. We offer flexibility to ensure your workday aligns with your schedule.

If you worked here this past month here are some things you might have been involved in:

  • Collaborated with the Legal and Marketing teams to ensure promotional campaigns were meeting compliance requirements across all of our marketing channels.
  • Led the cross-functional troubleshooting and resolution of a logistics issue causing a backlog of delayed orders in the UK.
  • Performed an analysis of scheduled work hours .vs. actual output to identify gaps in the effectiveness of our teams’ capacity to service customers when, and where, they want to be met.
  • Participated in CX Leaders development series discussions, engaging with peers and colleagues to share experiences, and knowledge and learn from each other about being a leader in our team.
  • Contributed to a regular CX Ops ‘jam session’. Thinking big and looking into the future together, to share ideas, brainstorm, and plan what the next big thing for our team may look like.
  • Discussed with the CX Ops team what your plan for the week ahead looks like, while also discussing what you ate for dinner last night, upcoming weekend activities, and the weather, paused for a cheeky 3-year-old to interrupt, talked about what new AI advancement you’re keen to try out, and probably ended with talking about what you are going to eat for lunch.

Let’s talk about you

  • You live and breathe CX! We're looking for someone who is passionate about creating exceptional customer experiences. Leveraging your deep well of knowledge and past experiences, you craft innovative solutions to solve unprecedented challenges, always keeping the customer (internal or external) at the heart of every decision.
  • You lead from the front! You possess a rare combination of strategic vision and operational expertise, leading the development and execution of high-impact initiatives.
  • “Solutions architect”- You think on your feet! This role is all about using logic and reason to solve problems and improve the way we do things. We're looking for someone who can see through issues, find the root cause, and come up with clear solutions that everyone can understand even if that is quick and dirty and a means to an end.
  • You’re data-savvy! - You're comfortable working with data and understand its power in uncovering insights. You can skillfully extract trends and patterns, even identifying those unexpected outliers. Most importantly, you translate this data into clear, actionable information that empowers informed decision-making across the business.
  • You design for delight! - You like to design processes that are not just functional, but also a pleasure to navigate for both customers and internal teams. You champion user clarity! You’re happy to partner with our CX Knowledge & Education team to ensure clear and simple documentation that emphasises value and empowers everyone to deliver exceptional service.
  • You’re an action leader - You are comfortable leading conversations, bringing people from different functions together, and calling the shots. You hold yourself and others accountable for achieving success through open communication and shared ownership.

You give a crap

Do you want your work to make the world a better place? Do you want to work with other people who feel the same way? What a coincidence — us too!

Why should you work with us?

First off, as a certified B Corp™, we work to make a difference every day while maintaining the highest standards of social and environmental impact. With our most recent score of 125.5 we’re in very good company with other exceptional B Corps around the world.

We also believe that helping to make the world a better place should be rewarded accordingly – that’s why we offer competitive, market informed salaries, meaningful support towards healthcare for our team around the world, generous paid leave, tailored learning and development opportunities, and free toilet paper (yes, you read that right).

Our engagement surveys (thanks Culture Amp!) tell us that our team is really proud (98%) to work for Who Gives A Crap and, well, we couldn’t be more proud of that.

Have you made it this far?

If you’re still reading, we think there’s a strong chance you might be our kind of person. Here’s the thing, though — research suggests that 60% of women and underrepresented folks might have already talked themselves out of applying. Even if you don’t check every box above, we want to encourage you to introduce yourself. We believe a diversity of perspectives and experiences makes a team stronger — and the stronger our team, the closer we are to delivering toilets and clean water for all.